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120 Tablets



Maintaining optimal liver function is one of the most important ways to promote health. The liver is the central regulator of both anabolic and catabolic metabolism. It is also the primary defender against outside toxins and has important immune functions. The liver is heavily dependent on a number of nutrients which assist its function. These nutrients can become depleted thereby compromising liver function and putting it at risk for damage. Daily Liva-Vite provides those and other nutrients which allow the liver to function at the highest possible level. Two tablets provide L-Methionine (400 mg), Choline (200 mg), Inositol (200 mg), Taurine (200 mg), Dandelion root extract (4.1) (200 mg), Milk thistle extract (200 mg), Black radish root (100 mg), Beet root (100 mg), Uva Ursi (100 mg) and Goldenseal root (100 mg). 120 tablets per bottle. (C, CS, SA, SD) 

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Weight 7 oz
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Capsules, Powder

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120 Capsules, 5 oz. Powder


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