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100 Tablets



This hypo-allergenic, vegetarian multivitamin and mineral supplement has a chlorophyll coating. One tablet provides: vitamin A as Retinyl palmitate and 35% as beta-carotene (1,003 mcg), vitamin C as ascorbic acid (84 mg), vitamin D as 124 IU Ergocalciferol (3.35 mcg), vitamin E as natural d-Alpha tocopherol succinate (33.5 mg), Thiamine (21 mg), Riboflavin (25 mg), Niacinamide (34 mg), vitamin B-6 (25 mg), Folic acid 223 mcg (dietary folate equivalents), vitamin B-12 (34 mcg), Biotin (25 mcg), Pantothenic acid (25 mg), Choline (11 mg), Calcium as calcium amino acid chelate (17 mg), Iron as iron amino acid chelate (6 mg), Iodine from kelp (67 mcg), Magnesium as amino acid chelate (8 mg), Zinc as zinc citrate (5 mg), Selenium as amino acid chelate (34 mcg), Copper as amino acid chelate (0.7 mg), Manganese (2 mg), Chromium as amino acid chelate (34 mcg), Molybdenum as amino acid chelate (67 mcg), Potassium as amino acid chelate (3 mg), Inositol & PABA (25 mg each), Betaine HCl, Glutamic acid HCl Rutin and Citrus bioflavonoid complex (8 mg), Hesperidin (1.7 mg), Taking this supplement three times per day will result in maximal utilization of all the nutrients. The tablets are designed to be easily swallowed. Multi-Vim supplies optimal amounts of most nutrients and is a great foundation for any nutritional program. 100 tablets per bottle. (C, Vegetable stearate, SA, Silica, Chlorophyll) 


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