Eniva – Cal-Mag Mineral – 32 oz.


32 oz.

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  • Liquid Cal-Mag supplement for easy use, convenience and fast absorption (32 oz). Contains both calcium and magnesium, with enhanced magnesium levels to support body mineral balance and benefit. Natural apple Cal-Mag has a lite apple refreshing taste. 
  • Calcium supports: Healthy bones, muscles, teeth and gums, nerve function, heart function, restful sleep, premenstrual cycle, stress management and mood.*
  • Magnesium supports: Bones, muscle health, regularity, mood and emotional health, airway health, body movement, growth, proper calcium and potassium balance, cardiovascular rhythms, feminine health and nerve transduction.*
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sugars. Non GMO, gluten-free, lactose free, diabetic friendly, vegan.
  • Doctor formulated and recommended.
  • The natural apple flavor offers a lite and refreshing taste.

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