Eniva – Trace Minerals – 32 oz.


32 oz.

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  • A liquid dietary supplement (32 oz) that provides a wide spectrum of rare minerals needed by the body. It Contains small amounts of the major minerals essential to every function within the human body.
  • Trace elements and minerals must exist in relative balance in the fluids, cells, organs, and tissues of the body to contribute to human health.
  • Due to soil nutrient depletion and current manufacturing processes, however, the majority of food eaten has less than optimal amounts of usable minerals.
  • No Fructose or Sugars No Artificial Colors or Flavorings No Calories or Caffeine No Animal By-products or Animal Testing.
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors Gluten Free Diabetic Friendly Vegetarian Friendly No Fish Ingredients No GMO Ingredients.

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