EuroPharma/Terry Naturally – BioActive Magnesium Complex – 120 Capsules


120 Capsules

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  • Heart and nervous system function
  • Relief of occasional muscle cramps
  • Tendon, ligament & cartilage function
  • Mood and emotional well-being*

Superior Absorption
Magnesium is one of the most critical minerals for overall health. When you are looking for the right magnesium—one that absorbs well, is back by synergistic nutrients, and is easy on the stomach—BioActive Magnesium Complex is the perfect choice.*

That’s because this glycinate chelate form of magnesium delivers the benefits you’re looking for along with the supportive P-5-P form of vitamin B6 and a chelated zinc.

BioActive Magnesium Complex with P-5-P & Zinc: Three Incredible Ingredients!

 (from magnesium bisglycinate chelate): seems like a common mineral, but it might not be as abundant at effective levels through diet alone. Farming practices, mineral depletion in the soil, and inadequate intake from food means that this critical nutrient could be in short supply. But magnesium is crucial: among its many talents, it supports the production of energy in the body at a cellular level, plus thyroid health and healthy hormone production, bone metabolism, and healthy blood pressure levels already within normal range.*

Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P-5-P): is the active form of vitamin B6. Unlike other forms of this vitamin, it does not require conversion by the liver. P-5-P is the form found naturally in the body and is a factor in serotonin production, as well as mood and nervous system function. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies have also shown that vitamin B6 can help relieve stress associated with premenstrual syndrome. It strong supports healthy tendon and muscle function—especially for individuals working in tasks requiring repetitive movement.*

Zinc (from zinc bisglycinate chelate): is an essential mineral that works synergistically with P-5-P and magnesium. It supports optimal health in many ways, including: healthy immune system function, muscle recovery, cellular function, and red blood cell production.*

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