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60 Capsules or Tablets

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Complex from Salmon
Healthy Brain, Heart & Eyes*

More than Omega-3! Vectomega® from North Atlantic Salmon is unlike any other omega-3 supplement you can find! It is the only omega-3 bound to phospholipids and peptides, the building blocks of healthy cell membranes.*

  • Superior Absorption and Effectiveness.*
  • Crucial for Heart, Brain, and Eye Health.*
  • Vital for Immune and Overall Health.*
  • Bioidentical DHA/EPA — Unlike Fish or Krill Oil.*
  • Patented French Hexane-Free Extraction Process.
  • Proven Stability with Zero Rancidity.
  • Never Chemically Altered or Artificially Spiked


More than Omega-3!
Vectomega from North Atlantic Salmon is unlike any other omega-3 supplement you can find! It is the only omega-3 bound to phospholipids and peptides, the building blocks of healthy cell membranes.*

  • From North Atlantic salmon, a premium source offering DHA/EPA without the fat or calories found in fish oil
  • Marine phospholipids for better absorption
  • Peptides—not found in fish oil or krill oil—vital for mood, immune, focus, and overall health*
  • Proven stability, zero rancidity
  • Never chemically altered or artificially spiked
  • Cold water, enzyme extraction
  • No fish burps

PDF iconFish Oils and PCB Contamination: No Concerns with Vectomega®

Vectomega - CHART

Superior Form of Omega–3 Fatty Acids


How does Vectomega compare to fish oil?

Vectomega is not a fish oil product, and the numeric measurements between fish oil products does not apply to Vectomega. Vectomega is an extract of Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, and fish bioactive peptides from the head of the salmon.  The DHA and EPA are in a 2:1 ratio, exactly as it occurs in the salmon – and in the human brain. Studies have illustrated that absorption and utilization of Omega-3 fatty acids are moreimportant than sheer numbers. The amount of DHA and EPA in Vectomega is about what you would get in a serving of fresh salmon. Additionally, the ability to deliver Omega-3 fatty acids without causing oxidative stress and damage to the body is a remarkable advance in Omega-3 science.

What is the difference between triglycerides and phospholipids in an Omega-3 product?

In all fish oil, the Omega-3s are transported by triglycerides. Triglycerides are slow and inefficient carriers, and most people do not feel they need more triglycerides in their body. Vectomega’s Omega-3s are attached to phospholipids NOT triglycerides. Phospholipids have been shown in laboratory models and also in living systems to boost absorption. Additionally, phospholipids themselves have tremendous health benefits. Some of the phospholipids in Vectomega are phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylinositol, and phosphatidylserine. The health benefits from Vectomega stem from phospholipid-bound absorption, the fish bioactive peptides, the bio-identical EPA and DHA, and from the phospholipids themselves.

Why isn’t rancidity an issue with Vectomega?

Both fish and krill oils are oil, meaning they are subject to oxidation, which results in rancidity. Vectomega does not have rancidity issues because it is not an oil. Also, because it is not rancid and has phospholipid absorption, people do not regurgitate and burp an unpleasant fish flavor/odor when they use this product, unlike the typical fish oil experience of burps and upset stomach.

Vectomega is one tablet or capsule a day, but are there situations where you can take more than one?

For healthy individuals who seek additional Omega-3 supplementation, one Vectomega per day is sufficient. For someone seeking higher levels of Omega-3s, we recommend 1 tablet or capsule twice daily. A dose of fish oil can be up to 9 capsules per day, or spoonful of liquid oil, which can cause compliance issues.

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