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60 Capsules

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Whether you’re keeping up the kids, grandkids or just life in general, keeping comfortable joints is key. That’s why KAL offers our powerful Uric Acid Flush formulated to help support your body’s natural cleansing process of uric acid.

Intended to provide similar support to tart cherry juice without the excess sugar, our advanced Uric Acid Flush capsules contain synergistic ingredients including our Cherry Guard Proprietary Blend of tart cherry skin and tart cherry fruit as well as celery seed extract and quercetin. For additional joint health and comfort support, we’ve added turmeric root extract (standardized to contain 95% curcumin), an Antioxidant Blend, artichoke, boswellia, and ginger.

One of our Clinical Lifestyles products, Uric Acid Flush was formulated to provide supplemental support you can trust. Like all KAL products, our Uric Acid ingredients are lab tested for potency, purity and identity.

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