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1.5 million people die every year due to diabetes-related complications. DiabaLife is a 100% natural product designed to maintain blood glucose levels and also works as a herbal remedy for numerous ailments.

DiabaLifeis made with 100% stabilized Allicin. Allicin is the active component in fresh peeled raw garlic which has been suggested to have many medicinal properties. But raw garlic has limitations such as it gets destroyed by stomach acid, decomposes by your intestinal epithelial cells, is affected by your body’s pH and also can give you bad breath and/or body odor. By using a patented process, DiabaLife has overcome all of those limitations by developing 100% stabilized Allicin and incorporating it into a pure vegetable capsule product.

One 450 mg capsule total, 125mg Allicin per cap, gives you the equivalent health benefits of eating 360 cloves of fresh raw garlic. The 100% stabilized Allicin extract in this formula also helps to control the HBA1C levels, cholesterol and blood pressure with research showing results within 3-4 months of consuming DiabaLife.

DiabaLife is made with only five powerful natural ingredients: 100% stabilized Allicin extract (125mg) (Garlic Bulb), Cinnamon, (31.5mg), Bitter Melon (31.5mg), Broccoli, and Spinach.

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