Dandy Blend (Coffee Alternative) – 3 sizes to choose from


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  • For over 25 years, Dandy Blend has provided a headache-free way to reduce or eliminate coffee and caffeine. Dandy Blend contains no caffeine. Rather Dandy Blend has a sweet, full bodied flavor similar to coffee and is acid free and bitterness free. It looks like fine instant coffee granules and quickly dissolves in hot or cold water to make a healthy herbal tea beverage which features the smoothness and texture of real coffee.
  • We offer both original Dandy Blend in single serving packets, 7.05 oz., 14.1 oz., and 2 pound bags, and Organic Dandy Blend in 3.53 oz. and 11 oz. bags.
  • Dandy Blend is created from a water extract of 4 plant ingredients: dandelion root, chicory root, barley, and rye.
  • Hot or cold, Dandy Blend is so versatile that, depending on how-much powder you use, it can be everything from a pleasant, nutty roasted tea to a rich, strong espresso or cappuccino.
  • The plants used in the production of our Original Dandy Blend are grown on medicinal herb farms in Poland where there are no GMO crops allowed by law. The plants used in the production of our Organic Dandy Blend are grown on farms designated as Organic in Europe.
  • Dandy Blend is manufactured from a water extract of these plants.
  • The health benefits of dandelion root and chicory have been passed down for generations. Dandy Blend contains many trace minerals too.
  • Dandy Blend does not contain wheat or fruit, nor is there a possibility of cross-contamination with malt, peanut, soy, or tree nut allergens. The facility that produces Dandy Blend produces nothing containing any kind of nut. The barley is simply extracted with water, producing no malt.
  • Dandy Blend is safe for pets, children, adults, and breastfeeding/lactating women. Check with your health practitioner if you are pregnant and have any concerns.
  • Add some Dandy Blend to your favorite recipes, smoothies and even sweet treats. It is the easiest way to get the benefits of dandelion root into your diet.
  • Keep bag tightly sealed to prevent clumping and hardening.

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