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Daily Easy-Flex 2 is a new generation of natural joint health support that combines evidence-based nutritional approaches to maintaining healthy joints and peripheral immune health. Easy-Flex 2 helps with comfortably maintaining an active healthy lifestyle. Each capsule provides, Andrographis Paniculate ParActin® (100 mg), Boswellia extract (125 mg), L-Histidine (5 mg), Curcumin from turmeric (200 mg), Quercetin (50 mg), Black pepper extract Bioperine® (5 mg), Ginger root powder (300 mg) and Cayenne pepper (25 mg). Caution: Some herbs may cause stomach upset in some people who are sensitive to strong spices. Allergic reactions are also possible with any natural product and if symptoms of allergy appear, discontinue use. Not intended for use by children under age 16 or by pregnant or lactating women. 90 Vcaps per bottle. (NE) 

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