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Daily Ocean Elements provide a mineral supplement rich in calcium and magnesium with vitamin D3 and iodine mostly from natural products derived from ocean mineral deposits and seaweed. This will provide uniquely structured mineral crystals and complexes that are well absorbed and balanced as well as small amounts of trace elements that are naturally present. Minerals from coral and seaweed is more soluble than conventional minerals. This magnesium is also from amino acid chelate which is very well absorbed. The calcium is from seaweed (largely calcium carbonate), phosphate deposits from ancient seabeds, coral and dolomite as well as small amounts of calcium gluconate and oxide. This calcium is mostly alkalizing, although the gluconate is neutral. The magnesium is from dolomite, seaweed, coral and magnesium chelate. The iodine (from seaweed) is an essential element that is plentiful in seaweed. Iodine is especially important for thyroid hormone production. Vitamin D3 (from sheep lanolin) is especially important for regulating calcium metabolism as well as many other physiological processes. 180 Vcaps® per bottle. (C)

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