Doctor’s Blend – Vydrate Hydration – 300 grams


300 grams

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Optimal hydration is key for daily health and wellness. However, there are many daily activities that can easily lead to dehydration. Our formula increases hydration by providing an electrolyte boost with natural ingredients like Pink Himalayan Salt, Magnesium and Potassium. Vydrate also provides a generous amount of many key vitamins and minerals to support daily vitality.

Key Electrolytes May Help Support Body Functions Like:

Sodium – helps nerve and muscle function

Magnesium – reduces cramps and can enhance physical performance

Potassium – helps regulate fluid levels, nerve signals and muscle contractions

Zinc – supports immune health, cellular regeneration and protein production

This product is perfect for:

  • Exercise Enthusiasts

  • Individuals Who Work in Intense Heat

  • Recovery During Sickness


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Weight 14 oz
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Berry, Cherry, Lemon Lime, Tropical Mango


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