EuroPharma/Terry Naturally – Adaptra – 60 Capsules


60 Capsules

Adaptra® is a potent, herbal adaptogen formula that improves your mental and physical resistance. It combines two powerful ingredients – clinically studied ashwaghanda and rhodiola – to help your mind and body thrive while preventing that “depleted” feeling you can get from a busy lifestyle.*

  • Maximize Energy
  • Revitalize Adrenal Function
  • Sharpen Focus and Concentration
  • Promote Healthy Adrenal Function
  • Optimize Emotional Health
  • Strengthen Physical Performance
  • Enhance Sexual Function in Men and Women*


Is there any caffeine in Adaptra?

No, Adaptra is a caffeine-free formula. It is not a stimulant, and will not adversely affect your heart rate or blood pressure. However, because of its energizing impact, it is probably best to take Adaptra in the morning or mid-day.*

Why should Adaptra be taken on an empty stomach?

Many experts feel that Rhodiola rosea is better absorbed on an empty stomach. However, if you prefer not to take supplements on an empty stomach, Adaptra can be taken with a small amount of food.

Is Adaptra good for athletes?

Absolutely! The adaptogenic herbs in Adaptra are energizing, reduce oxidative stress, increase endurance and promote stamina.*

Since it relieves stress, is Adaptra a sedative of some type?

No, Adaptra is not a sedative. As a blend of two high potency adaptogens, the reduction in stress is due to the effects in supporting adrenal gland function and restoring balance to body systems. While Adaptra supports mood and sharpens concentration and focus, this is not via any sedating activity.*

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