Europharma/Terry Naturally – AnxioCalm


90 Tablets

Relief of Occasional:
 • Stress • Nervous Tension • Restless Sleep*

  • Promote Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being
  • Newly Discovered Echinacosides Support Healthy Brain Chemistry*
  • No Sugar, Gluten, or Dairy


Anxious? Overwhelmed? Stressed?

AnxioCalm is clinically studied to quiet your nerves and relieve your occasional anxiety—without drowsiness!*

It’s the safe and effective way to help relieve

  • Occasional anxiety and nervousness
  • Everyday stresses
  • Excessive worry*

AnxioCalm is perfect for everyday use, or occasionally when you need extra support. It provides relief when you need it, without drowsiness or mental fogginess.*

Taste for Life 2014 Essentials Award Winner 2017 Better Nutrition Best of Supplements Award


The dosage seems low to me? Why not simply take more?

In scientific and clinical testing, this specific dosage showed the greatest benefit. For best results, follow the dosage instructions on the product carton.*

Isn’t echinacea for the immune system?

It’s true that echinacea is usually known for immune support. And, even though millions of people use echinacea for this purpose, the effects of relief of occasional anxiety haven’t previously been reported. However, one specific species, Echinacea angustifolia (EP107), grown in controlled conditions and processed using special extraction procedures, produces the amount of plant compounds that reduce occasional anxiety, stress,  and nervous tension when taken at the recommended dosage.*

What makes this ingredient different?

The Echinacea angustifolia (EP107) extract in AnxioCalm is different than other echinacea extracts. It has been specially prepared and is clinically studied to show relief of occasional anxiety.* Both the ingredient and the extract have key attributes that set them apart:

• Plants are grown in rural areas, away from industry and pollution
• Non-GMO
• No synthetic pesticides or herbicides
• Proprietary echinacosides
• Plants are harvested and washed by hand
• Gentle, hexane-free extraction process
• Independent testing confirms purity and absence of heavy metals, pesticides and microorganisms

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