Europharma/Terry Naturally – Ashwagandha EP35 Extra Strength 60 Capsules


  • The Ayurvedic Answer for Optimal Health*
  • Liver Support
  • Joint Health
  • Immune Function*


  • Stress resilience^
  • Restful sleep
  • Daily energy
  • Mental alertness
  • Physical strength and endurance
  • Healthy libido*

More Key Compounds, Dairy Free, 7X Stronger
Clinically StudiesAshwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that can make a difference in daily energy, focus, sleep, physical endurance, and overall vitality.*

Ashwagandha EP35 Extra Strength is like no other ashwagandha available. It uses a unique dairy-free process that concentrates the key compounds—called withanolides—to seven times the level of ordinary extracts. That means small doses deliver big results to support optimal health.*

Less Stress, More Vitality*^
Occasional stress can zap your physical strength, peace of mind, and immune system function. Finding the right support is key to a healthy life.*

Ashwagandha EP35 Extra Strength can help. This incredibly powerful adaptogen helps you bounce back from everyday challenges that otherwise add to your overall burden of stress.*^

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Weight 3 oz


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