Mountain Meadow Herbs – First Immune Defense


4 oz.

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Immune system support

  • Boost immune system
  • Cleansing benefits
  • Be prepared when your body needs it

Your immune system’s first line of defense against seasonal discomforts!

You don’t have to struggle through the winter months with a cough and congestion. Weekly visits to your health care provider can be avoided! Try this effective herbal blend and keep it on hand for when the need arises.

Originally developed in 2004, this formula includes herbs with strong berberine content. Berberine has been at the forefront of herbal information lately since it has been shown in various studies to support the body’s ability to fight off a wide variety of infections, as well as being beneficial for our metabolism, blood sugar levels, digestive system, and cardiovascular system.

First Immune Defense is a powerful, all-natural way to support your immune system and fight off the seasonal discomforts that have plagued you in the past.

If you are expecting, nursing, or under two years of age, use Family Immune-Booster.

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