Mountain Meadow Herbs – Herbal Calcium


2 & 4 oz.

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Plant-Based Calcium

  • Teeth and bone support
  • Calming support for restlessness
  • Muscle and nervous system support

Calcium is one of the most important minerals for the human body.

Beyond the support for healthy teeth and bones, your central nervous system, muscles, and certain brain functions all depend on calcium for optimal health. But, did you know that 90% of calcium supplements are made from limestone or marble rock, literally ground into a powder and packed or pressed into tablets or capsules? No wonder those tablets are hard as a rock. They literally ARE rock!

Elementally, these rocks are made up of 40% calcium, so the reason for their use is obvious. However, recent studies have made clear that this type of supplemental calcium can cause more harm than good. The conclusion of a study published in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension states that “from a cardiovascular perspective, dietary calcium intake by eating foods high in calcium appears safer than calcium loading with supplements.”

Besides offering a heart-healthy form of calcium supplementation, the herbs in this blend can also bring about calming support, aid in relaxation, ease restlessness, support a night of sound sleep, alleviate leg cramps and backaches, and even help calm cranky teething babies.

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