Mountain Meadow Herbs – Liver Glow


4 oz.

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For a Happy Liver

  • Gently cleanse your liver
  • Nourish, protect, and stimulate for increased energy
  • Improve mood

The liver is the second largest organ after the skin and comprises about 2.5% of the body’s weight. It is responsible for most of our energy needs, taking raw material-form foods and breaking them down into basic components used to create and store glycogen, which is used as immediate and future energy sources.

The liver also filters and processes our blood, regulates blood composition, removes toxins from the blood, and makes blood clotting proteins. On top of all of that, the liver has the amazing ability to regenerate itself, even after two-thirds of the organ has been removed!

You may notice feeling sluggish, less motivated, mood changes, skin changes, and bad breath as symptoms your liver could use some extra support. Give your liver a lift with these carefully selected, liver-friendly herbs that gently cleanse, stimulate, nourish and protect this vital organ.

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