Action Labs, Pro-Hormone Support (Formerly- Natural Balance – DHEA for Men – 60 Capsules)


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After Age 30, DHEA levels start to decline at a rate of 2% per year. Lifestyle choices can increase that rate.

This decline may result in weight gain, lack of energy, outofbalance cortisol levels and other health issues.

DHEA for Men promotes an energetic lifestyle and overall health with additional support ingredients like Ginseng and Saw Palmetto

Rev Your Metabolism:  The body uses DHEA to facilitate 150 metabolic functions. Muscle mass maintenance and weight management may come more naturally with proper DHEA levels, even as the years pass by. 

DHEA for Men:  Proper DHEA levels may help combat unhealthy amounts of cortisol. High levels of cortisol put the body into stress mode which can affect overall health, including mood and depression.

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