Nature’s Sunshine – DHEA-F (Women’s) – 100 Capsules


100 Capsules

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As DHEA levels drop naturally with age, support the female glands responsible for the important hormones behind energy, sleep, healthy bones and clear thinking.

  • 25 mg DHEA per serving
  • Supports the female glandular and nervous system


The “F” indicates that this formula is for females. In a woman’s body, natural production of DHEA declines after about age 25, leading many experts to believe that DHEA plays a role in slowing the aging process. DHEA, a naturally occurring steroid nutrient produced in the adrenal (cortex) gland, is converted to important and essential hormones in the body, ensuring good health. DHEA-F was developed with beneficial herbs to provide daily benefits for women pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

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