Allimax – Allimax Liquid – 100% Allicin – 1/3 fl. oz.


1/3 fl. oz.

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Allimax is stabilized allicin, a natural organosulfur compound, extracted from fresh, raw garlic using a crushing, filtration and temperature controlled extraction process that dissolves pure allicin in water. We use garlic from the beautiful lands of Spain. Garlic has been used since the Egyptians and Romans realized that it enhanced their physical endurance.
Guaranteed 100% yield of pure stabilized Allisure AC-23.
Allimax Liquid and Cream can be applied to any part of the body. Pairing with 1 to 3 Allimax capsules daily can help speed up the recovery process. It is safe for children 3 and over and pets. The liquid can also be mixed with your own cream, gel or oil if you wish. You can use the cream as many times per day topically.
Liquid: 8 drops per dosage and does not need dilution. It can be diluted but it’s not necessary.

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