Instant Coffee Mixture – 15 Count – For Healthy Hair Skin & Nails with Ganoderma, Collagen and Kacip Fahtima


15 Count

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  • ✔️Just how HEALTHY is Collagen and Kacip Fatimah for you really? Collagen helps give your skin health and elasticity. In simplest form it’s the “glue” that helps hold the body together. Kacip Fatimah aids in balancing hormone by producing enough estrogen your body needs. Ganoderma is an adaptogen that helps the body heal.
  • ✔️REVITALIZE YOUR SKIN. Under normal circumstances collagen is produced by your body. However, when you’re sick, under a lot of physical or emotional stress, your body may not be able to produce enough of these amino acids on its own. The body then needs help from outside sources, mainly your diet or supplements. Drinking our coffee regularly will help you get the nutrients your body needs.
  • ✔️ANTI-AGING. With age, the body produces less collagen, wrinkles form and joint cartilages weakens. Our coffee is formulated in combination with Ganoderma mushroom, Collagen and Kacip Fatimah that helps harmonize the female reproductive system. It helps in reversing signs of hair loss, makes skin supple, reduce lines and wrinkles. It improves liver health and protects cardiovascular health.
  • ✔️ENHANCE VITALITY. Like any other supplements, our specially formulated health beverage can easily be absorbed by your body. With its exceptional flavor and non-acidic qualities, it can overcome tiredness and boost your energy without the jitters. It will help reduce cellulites and stretch marks. This coffee will improve your body inside out.
  • ✔️CONVENIENT, inexpensive, delicious and easy to make. Bring it with you anywhere. Just dissolve one packet into a cup of hot or iced water, mix it and you’re ready for your day! It is an economic way to get many therapeutic health benefits naturally.

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