Doctor’s Blend – Cardio-911 -Sport Amino Plus – 364 grams


364 grams

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Cardio 911 ® Sport Amino Plus provides the circulatory support you have enjoyed from the original Cardio 911 ® with a twist! Packed with ALL NINE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS it supports all aspects of your work out to get you energized, keep your going strong, and reduces recovery time. While there are hundreds of known amino acids that have been discovered, the most important nine are: 

•    Leucine is essential for endurance, muscle development and energy production by muscle cells.
•    lsoleucine assists with endurance as well as the repair and building of muscle.
•    Valine aid in endurance during a workout while delivering nitrogen to all of your organs.
•    Lysine assists in the synthesis of collagen while also supporting healthy immune system, digestion, and more.
•    Threonine aids in the healing of damaged tissue for faster recovery as well as growth in skeletal muscles.
•    Tryptophan activates the production of serotonin and melatonin which induces a relaxing effect on the body.
•    Methionine aids in muscle growth and formation of creatine which is needed for muscle energy.
•    Histidine coats nervous cells to protect them and the production of red and white blood cells. This is needed for overall health and wellness.
•    Phenylalanine converts into tyrosine which produces epinephrine, L-dopa, and norepinephrine. This helps with lethargy, pain control and more.

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